Green Roofing

DF Roofing specialise in green roof solutions and have many years of experience and expertise in the installation and maintaining of green roofs across Essex and London. In recent years, green roofs have become an important part of green construction in many countries, and is rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK.

DF Roofing are a proud Optigreen Partner. Optigreen are a market leading green roof supplier throughout Europe. Our aim is to provide sustainable green roofs which are highly aesthetic and suited to each individual clients needs.

As a GRO member, we abide the GRO code of green roof best practise. The Green Roof Organisation was established in 2008 in response to the demand for UK relevant guidance for the increasing number of green roofs being specified in the UK. The code ensures clients are getting a sustainable green roof that will continue to function properly throughout its design life.

Green Roofs create stunning modern architectural spaces and have a high ecological value. Green Roofs come in various specifications to suit the need and style of the project including:

Sedum Roof

Sedum Roof – Pre-cultivated

Sedum green roofs are low maintenance with low growing sedum, grasses and herbs. A drainage layer, substrate growing medium and a pre-cultivated sedum blanket is installed to give instant effect. The saturated weight is anywhere between 40 – 100kg per m2 depending on substrate depth.

Sedum Roof - Seeded

Sedum Roof – Seeded

This option is nearly the same but instead of a pre-cultivated mat, the substrate is seeded. This system is more economic, but will not give instant effect. You will get full coverage from this system from 12 months. The saturated weight is anywhere between 40 – 100kg per m2 depending on substrate depth.

Nature Roof

Nature Roof – Plug Planted and Seed Mix

These systems have a similar build to a sedum green roof apart from a deeper substrate to support a higher diversity of flora and fauna species. It has a very high ecological value and gives long lasting and colourful blooming effects. The saturated weight of the build up is 100-120 kg per m2.


Bio-Diverse Brown Roof

Brown Roofs consist of mainly recycled material and are designed to take on it’s natural surroundings with mother nature herself sowing the seeds. Brown roofs are very flexible in design, the substrate is often laid un-even with pebbles and logs to add aesthetic appeal. It will take a brown roof over a year to establish itself, but to speed up the process, we can add a seed mix of local plant species.

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