Alpha House, Tyssen street, London, E8

  • Client Name: Prime City Developments
  • Contract Value: £80,000.00
  • Contract Period: 4 weeks
  • Roof Area: 400m2

Alpha House, 19 luxury apartments, outdoor terraces and 6400 sq ft of 2 self-contained commercial space  arranged on the ground floor and basement in Tyssen Street, Dalston.

This project in particular was a perfect suit for DF Roofing Ltd with every aspect of our expertise coming to good use installing everything from the waterproofing, green roof and Photovoltaic system required to the vertical PPC cladding system on the front of the building which gave Prime City Developments the peace of mind knowing that DF Roofing had taken care of everything from roof deck upwards.

The waterproofing system installed was the same specification for the main roof and lower terraces which consisted of a full warm deck PVC single-ply membrane fully adhered to a tapered insulation scheme over a self-adhesive Vapour control layer onto a concrete deck. All parapets were encapsulated with our PVC roof membrane terminating using a drip flashing on the outside edge around perimeter






Once the waterproofing was in place we used PVC solar fixing bars to mechanically fix the Solar panels to the roof without ever penetrating the waterproofing layer. These are welded direct to the membrane and a mounting system then fixed into place.

For the green roof around the PV’s we installed sedum cuttings and seed mix with wildflower plug plants which has a very high ecological value and long lasting blooming effect. This has a similar build up to a sedum roof consisting of a protection and storage fleece, drainage filtration fleece, drainage layer with a deeper substrate layer of around 100-150mm.


The vertical PPC pressed aluminium fascia system is not something we do on a day to day basis but having a large amount of experience from Installing PPC capping’s to roof parapets we were more than happy to take this on.

We used a pre-fabricated powder coated metal including pre-fabricated corners and stop ends fixed with colour coded self-tapper fixings through internal brackets. Both the client and DF Roofing Ltd were very happy with the results.